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Finding the right school district always is always top of mind for families as they’re searching for a new home. Understandably so – a top ranked school district not only sets your child up for success throughout their life, but it’s usually an indicator that the environment around the school is positive and safe. Finding the right school in the right neighborhood are consistently the two most important buyer requirements when shopping for a new home.

Each year Columbus area school districts offer their own version of a report card, which shows everything from scholastic achievement scores and graduation rates, to improvements in literacy by grade and by subject.


These report cards are released directly at the end of the school year, so the most current reporting shows 2014-2015 data. For those of you familiar with Central Ohio, you’ll recognize some of these top districts as consistently representing some of the best schools and neighborhoods in the area:

School District                      Ranking

Bexley                                           A

Dublin City                                 A

Grandview Heights               A

New Albany                               A

Olentangy Local                      A

Upper Arlington                      A


These are some of the most sought after communities to live in Central Ohio. The schools in these neighborhoods are anything but neglected, so new buyers should recognize the fact that homeowners are paying the highest property taxes and school levies in the region. Homeowners in these communities, especially the ones with children, will likely tell you it’s worth every dime.


Who’s Flunking Out?


The good news about Central Ohio is that there aren’t really any school districts in the failure category.


But the yin and yang of school reporting is that there are a number of schools in any city that are still striving toward that A rating. While Central Ohio didn’t have any failing schools this past year, but it did have a few C’s and even a D or two:


School District                      Rankin

Canal Winchester                B

Columbus City                       D

Gahanna-Jefferson             B

Pickerington                           C

Westerville                              B

Worthington                           C


Note that these are district ratings, so while the average score may seem just “meh” overall, each district likely has individual institutions that are both higher and lower than that score.


The good news for homebuyers is that these communities often have wonderful homes at a lower cost. It’s also likely the buyer will pay less in taxes and school fees. These communities can yield real potential for:

  • The first time homebuyer looking for an affordable starter home;
  • A property investor;
  • The childless couple, or even;
  • The “empty nester.”


Frankly, just because a school district ranked lower on academic testing doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to send your children. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of any neighborhood before buying, of course, and a school report card is just one factor to consider when searching for your new home.


Contact us today to find out more about the communities you’re considering. We are absolutely tireless in our pursuit of the perfect match between you and your dream location.


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