Why is Clintonville the Coolest Choice?

Clintonville houses 30,000 Central Ohio residents. You’ll find this eclectic community right in the heart of the region, established just north of The Ohio State University. It’s a highly coveted place to move to; home prices are reasonable, crime is low, and there are a plethora of schools, including private and charter, to choose from.


But we think the real reason families move to this lovely community is due to its diversity and charm.


Natural Landmarks


Geographically, Clintonville has some very interesting features. The center of the community is founded on Glen Echo Ravine, a winding road that meanders into a small gorge with houses perched along sheer rock walls. It’s a big and interesting surprise to drive down into the quiet coolness of the ravine then drive up out of this little haven of nature in the midst of such a busy community. That’s why homes in this neighborhood are valued so highly; there is truly nothing like Clintonville in the city. We highly recommend a walk through the ravine in the winter; it is absolutely beautiful.


The Whetstone Park of Roses is exactly what it sounds like: an oasis of roses in the middle of a suburb. There are 13 acres for you to explore, with 475 varieties of roses across the park. At the front of the park you’ll find a branch of the Columbus Library, which is rated as the best library system in the entire nation.


On Saturdays from April to November and Wednesdays from July to September, the Clintonville Farmers Market connects local farmers to the community they serve. You’ll find fresh organic produce, herbs and flowers, along with baked goods. Biking in big in this community and it’s common to see Clintonville residents pedaling down to fill their baskets and backpacks on market days.


Clintonville Real Estate


Like most of Central Ohio these days, homes in Clintonville are in high demand. The median price per square foot as of late summer, 2016, is $188. Prices have increased from last year by a solid 7%. An average three-bedroom home is selling around $318,000. When you consider that the average price back in 2010 was $180,000, this is very good news for Clintonville property owners. This places the suburb at the high end of the averages you’ll find in the area. Given that the resale values are high, Clintonville is a consistently sure bet for real estate investors. This community has one of the hottest sales records in Central Ohio; it ranks at the top of price to value percentages year after year.


Homes in this community are an interesting mix of 1960 ranch, double story cottage, and outright mansion; you’ll find some of the most historic and sprawling homes in the city here. The lots the houses sit on are typically small, but most are filled with lush gardens glowing with flowers and vegetables. This is a community that takes great pride in the upkeep of their homes and a drive through it is a very pleasant experience.


Clintonville is a safe haven in Central Ohio: city records show no crimes of violence in the past year, a handful of burglaries and property crimes. This when coupled with the appeal of the Clintonville public school system makes this a great place to start a family. In Clintonville, even the majority of elementary school teachers have a graduate degree. All students take a wide range of coursework – from the staples to art, gym, music and computer classes. Whetstone High School is ranked one of the best in the area with curriculum that includes hours spent volunteering in the community.


The Grover Group would like to give you a tour of some of the homes available in Clintonville, Ohio. Contact us today to start your search!


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