To Stage or Not to Stage

Selling your home is the second most important thing you will do as an adult. (It closely follows the first   most important thing — buying your first home.) Staging your home for the sale is an absolute must do. The debate is over; staging is a necessary part of the sales process. In our opinion, there is a strong connection between staging your home and selling it more quickly.

HGTV lists several tips for helping homeowners stage their home in preparation for selling. We pass these best practices on to homeowners every day. Here are our top ten tips for staging the inside of your home.



Top Ten Tips for Staging Your Home


  1. Get rid of clutter, Volume I.
    Clutter is a distraction and could potentially harm your chances of making a sale. We recommend going through each room and boxing up all knick-knacks, family photos and miscellaneous items. Clean up bookshelves by eliminating all but a couple of books.
  2. Get rid of clutter, Volume II.
    Grabbing a handful of items, throwing them in the closet and closing the door will be pretty embarrassing when the potential buyer wants to see how much storage you have. Make sure the inside of your closets and drawers are neat and organized.
  3. Group it.
    Consider grouping your furniture and accessories in a different way. Hang that painting in a different spot and group furniture away from walls.
  4. Light it up.
    We want every clean and lovely corner of your home to show well, so increase your light wattage by changing bulbs and have no less than two fixtures per room.
  5. Clean and paint walls.
    We can’t say it enough; repaint in neutral colors. If you have two small rooms make sure you tie both together by painting them in the same color. Neutral doesn’t have to mean white, either; tans and light blues, greens and yellows are hues that warm up a room and make it show well.
  6. Bring the outside in.
    Fresh cut flowers from your yard will yield positive comments about the landscape – and the arrangement.
  7. Attention to detail.
    Pay attention to the little things like fixing sidewalk cracks and wall divots, perhaps even touching up the finish on furniture or replacing worn handles on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.
  8. Add a spa.
    Make your bathroom look like a spa by adding decorative baskets, rolling up towels, and lighting candles.
  9. Freshen wall hangings.
    Replace any torn blinds and clean curtains. Use a scent mister like Febreeze to eliminate any lingering life odors.
  10. Pets? What Pets?
    Let your pets visit Grandma. Evidence of pets should be eliminated completely when a showing is scheduled.


The Grover Group has additional tips for staging inside and outside your Columbus, Ohio home. Call us today to find out how we can help you stage your home to sell fast.  We can even refer you to staging companies in Columbus that can do the work. Our consultation is complimentary – what are you waiting for?


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