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SpringCleanupSpring has sprung and the average homeowner is back to grass mowing and barbecue grilling. Whether you are readying your property for sale, or just concerned with upkeep for the long haul, there are a number of spring clean up projects that homeowners should schedule before the weather gets too hot. Here are some tips:

  • De-Clutter by cleaning and sweeping out your garage. If you’re like many of us, our two-car garage often holds debris left over from our busy lives. If you can’t park your cars inside, it might be a good time to pull everything out into the driveway and give your garage a makeover.

  • Tip:
    Make use of vertical space by hanging shelves from the ceiling or putting your tools on a pegboard.
  • Inspect and clean the gutters, starting with a visual inspection of leaks when it’s raining. You’re watching for seams that need caulking, sections that aren’t connected properly, or overflow spots where roof debris has piled up. Make sure downspouts are draining well away from your home. When it comes to gutter repair, we often recommend hiring a professional, especially if your home has multiple stories or an extremely pitched roof. Be safe!
  • Tip: Consider adding a rain barrel to capture water for your landscaping. Did you know the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation’s Green Spot program could qualify you for a $50 rebate on rain barrels? Companies like Rain Brothers can even come out and do the installation!
  • Spring means landscaping; it’s the perfect time to add flowers, vegetables, and herbs to your yard. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, now is the time to clean out yard debris. Consider making use of that debris by adding a composter to your yard. General landscaping tips include design considerations such as placing the tallest plants in the back of your garden and selecting a planting scheme that fits the color of your home. Don’t forget to mulch your garden to retain moisture and add a finished look. Check out our favorite local garden centers for the best plant selection in Central Ohio:
    Baker’s Acres
    Oakland Nursery           
    Tip: If you have a riding tractor, did you know Sears has a service that comes to your home to do mower maintenance?
  • Outdoors Inspection of peeling paint, window seal cracks; mortar damage and potential spots for roof repair should be a part of your home spring tune-up process. You’re looking for obvious signs of damage including termites, peeling paint or shingles that are obviously missing or need repair. You can save hundreds of dollars doing these repairs yourself, or you can call a local handyman to serve as your “jack of all trades.” Have you had your air conditioning unit checked lately? If you have a deck, are there any weak boards or nails sticking up? This is also the best time to seal your driveway with asphalt sealer or plug cracks in sidewalks with concrete crack filler. If you have torn screens, now is the best time to have them repaired.
  • Tip: The Grover Group can serve as your handyman referral service. We know good help is hard to find and would love to share our experiences with good local contractors. Contact us today to hear our best recommendations for home improvement experts.

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