Improving Your Chances of Selling in the Fall

While the housing market is booming in Central Ohio, we recognize that the fall has not traditionally been peak season to put your home on the market. (Most people prefer the spring.) But with the latest Bloomberg report showing demand for homes is far exceeding inventory, putting your house on the market in the fall – especially in Central Ohio – is actually a really good idea.


Fall is now for selling in the Columbus market and in other locations around the United States.


What can you do to make your home show better during the chillier fall months?


Leaves are Messy, Clean ‘Em Up


Autumn brings leaf drop, and if you’re lucky enough to have some of the larger, more stately trees surrounding your property, this means leaves; and lots of them! Make sure your gutters don’t get clogged with debris, which will cause them to overflow and leak. Keep up with falling leaves by mowing them into tiny pieces, or raking and bagging your lawn debris. Also, keep your sidewalks and driveway as clean as possible.


Fall is also a time when the mowing chores that have driven professional landscape companies to distraction over the summer, slow down. So it might be a great time to hire a company to do a fall clean up for your home and landscape.


Rainy Days and Mondays Don’t Have to Get You Down


Fall often brings rain; so make sure you have a good doormat for visitors to leave the mud and wet outside your home. It might be nice to have an umbrella holder by your front door as well. A splash of color by the front door in the form of a large pot of mums or a fall door wreath will be a welcoming touch on a cool drippy day. On the darkest days, leave your porch light on, set the temperature inside at a cozy level and open any blinds or curtains to let whatever natural light is available seep in. Make sure your windows stay sparkling clean, as well.


Show the Cozy


Emphasize the comfortable features of your home that prospective buyers may instinctively gravitate toward on a cool day. Make sure your fireplace is immaculate; on open house days, a crackling fire will be very appealing. Highlight a few cozy fall colors in appropriate places: a warm red blanket in a reading nook, golden pillows on that comfortable yellow couch, a basket of Granny Smith apples on the counter, and of course cookies in the oven. Make sure your walls are clean and freshly painted and that light fixtures sparkle. You can even put out a crock-pot with apple cider and cinnamon and invite guests to sip those wonderful fall flavors as they tour your home.


If someone is searching for a new home in the fall, they’re instinctively feeling the urge to nest before the colder winter months. Take advantage by playing to the warm comfort of a safe, secure and welcoming environment. These small touches will help.


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