Top Five Reasons to Move to Bexley

Bexley is just east of downtown Columbus, Ohio. But Bexley is much calmer than the traffic-filled stresses found in most state capitals. Driving down a Bexley street is soothing. The homes range from adorable cottage style with small flower-filled yards to ornate stone mansions in this intelligent and interesting community.


If you’re just passing through Bexley you’ll notice the peaceful vibe and it’s likely you’ll realize this is a worthy place to call home.


But what really makes Bexley such a coveted place to move to?


  1. Community
    There is a strong faith-based community in Bexley. You’ll see families strolling to synagogue each week. More than 40% of the population says they associate with a particular religion. There is a large Catholic school and a seminary all within city limits.


This is a liberal, secular community, with a high percentage achieving advanced degrees. The community is primarily white, but there is a melting pot of ethnicities in the area, in part due to Capital University enrollment. This is a college town, and the attitudes and cultural feel is eclectic and smart.



According to Sperling’s Best Places, approximately 45% of Bexley graduates go on to achieve an advanced degree. There are three teachers for every 15 students, and it shows in elevated test scores and well-funded extracurricular activities. If you’re searching for a community known for giving children the best head start, Bexley is where you should settle.



The residents of Bexley pay for excellent city services, including a well-equipped police department. Area Vibes states there is 60% less crime in Bexley than the national norm.


Green space

You can ride your bicycle to the Topiary Park downtown or the Scioto Mile, with its 145 acres of lush trees, green grass and bike paths The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is beautiful all year long. But there is vibrant green space on nearly every street in Bexley.


For such a small place, there is a large cadre of volunteers that work to “Keep Bexley Beautiful,” which is the theme of the Bexley Community Fountation. In 2015 they granted $80,000 to develop and maintain the Alum Creek Park, the green space dividing downtown from Bexley.



There are big benefits to being centrally located; Bexley is in the middle of everything going on in Central Ohio. A short drive on Saturday and you can join thousands to watch The Ohio State University Buckeyes. On July 4th, there’s Red, White and Boom, the state’s largest fireworks show. These are just two highlights; you will find something going on nearby every night of the week


Why Bexley?

Bexley, Ohio retains that small town spark you’ve been looking for. If you’re a homebody looking for a comfortable, safe place to raise a family, Bexley is perfect. If you want the lure of activity, Bexley is near everything. It is one of our favorite Central Ohio communities and should be on your list of “must consider” when searching for home. Call us today to get the inside scoop on Bexley, Ohio!


Fast Facts About Bexley, Ohio

Median home value: $264,500

Average downtown commute: 17 minutes

Violent Crime: Virtually non-existent

Schools: Top rankings in the state

Taxes: 6.68%

Average household income: $94,145


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