Safest Communities to Live in Central Ohio

If you’re considering relocating, safety and security is one of the most important factors you’ll contemplate. Allstate Insurance says community crime stats are one of the top five things a new homeowner should consider before signing on the dotted line.


While crime can happen anywhere, there are some communities in Central Ohio that have posted consistently lower property and personal crime stats. Let’s take a look at some of the communities that have trended as the “safest” in this region.


According to SafeWise, a website devoted to community safety, these Columbus suburbs made the 2015 top 50 Safest Cities in Ohio list.




Powell is a family friendly community. With over 270 parks and recreation-related events annually, and an active and fun downtown focused on special events, Powell is a small suburb offering big family-friendly fun.


The City of Powell takes great pride in the relationship between residents, visitors and police. The Powell Police Department frequently offers crime prevention programs and these efforts have clearly paid off: 2013 stats show a 0% incidence of violent crime. Emergency services response time is just two minutes and 17 seconds. Perhaps that’s why Powell is listed as number 13 on the SafeWise 50 Safest Cities in Ohio list.


New Albany


New Albany is one of the fastest growing suburbs and their lack of criminal activity is only part of the reason. This community was designed to be pedestrian friendly and the Healthy New Albany initiative stresses the benefits of community recreation, culture, education and overall wellness. This passionate belief in the community is reflected in city services, including a large police presence focused on keeping residents and visitors safe. They’re doing a great job; the most recent FBI crime data shows this village is consistently trending downward for property crimes, with a 0% incidence of violent crimes.


New Albany, Ohio came in at number 26 on the SafeWise 50 Safest Cities in Ohio list.




At number 32 on the list, The City of Dublin boasts just 10 reported violent crimes in 2013. When you consider this is no small town (population 43,000), you get a sense of real accomplishment behind these numbers. The Dublin community police department lists their mission as “Professionalism, integrity, respect and commitment.”


This city is a wonderful mix of high-end technology with ample amounts of historic charm. While downtown is lovely, with one-of-a-kind boutiques and terrific restaurants, it’s the family-centric events like the Dublin Irish Festival that really bring this intelligent and lively community together. The festival is a celebration of the community’s Irish heritage and it attracts hundreds of people from around Central Ohio.


Let’s revisit those safety numbers in light of this large public event featuring the consumption of ample amounts of Guinness: the most recent crime stats show less than 1% in violent crimes committed, making this one of our top choices for a safe and secure community to establish a home. Dublin is also listed as one of the safest cities in the entire country.


Upper Arlington


When considering crime stats, Upper Arlington’s proximity to the second largest University in the nation (Go Bucks!) might raise concern. But this suburb of more than 34,000 residents boasts some of the lowest crime figures in the state. Incidents of violent and property crime have lessened each year since 2012, which helped snag the number 33 designation on the SafeWise 50 Safest Cities in Ohio list. UA also made the 100 Safest Cities in America list.


Upper Arlington offers residents lovely colonial homes with well-manicured and sprawling lawns. There is ample green space and surprisingly gorgeous golf courses along with a bustling historic center. Community programs include Neighborhood Watch and D.A.R.E. along with a Citizen’s Police Academy where residents learn crime prevention and firearms safety and training.


Upper Arlington came in at number 33 on the 50 safest cities in the state list.


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