Spring: Daffodils, Tulips – and Home Sales

Ohio winters can be long, icy and dark. Naturally spring is a time of optimism, growth and fresh starts, not only for the first April tulips, but also for homeowners ready to sell – and ready to buy.

Pretty weather just lightens the mood; energy rises just as surely as tree sap, so home seekers are out in droves hunting for that perfect location. Home sales increase during this time and real estate agents scramble to keep up with the excitement generated by a fast-paced market.

April and May kick off the official start of open houses all around town. Many shoppers have a tax refund in their pocket, so it is an excellent    time for market activity for both buyers and sellers.

Spring Home Seller Tips

If you’re entering the market with inventory to sell, we have a few tips that will showcase your home for potential buyers:

  • Wash your windows and mirrors inside the home. Mirrors reflect the gorgeous spring sun, while sparkling windows will provide an unobstructed view of that daffodil patch in the front yard.
  • Take a broom to corner cobwebs, clean drapes and blinds and open the windows to bring in spring breezes. Homes always benefit from a good airing-out, whether you’re selling or just spring-cleaning.
  • Place a fresh cut bouquet in a central location in your home.


Spring Home Buyer Tips

Make no mistake; this is a competitive season, especially in Central Ohio, where the inventory often lags behind buyer demand. So we’ve assembled some tips that will help you gain a competitive advantage over all the other home shoppers that will be flooding the Columbus-area market this year:


  • Pre-qualified is Take advantage of low mortgage rates by nailing down your loan in advance. Pre-qualification will show you exactly how much you can afford. It will also show the home seller that you’re serious.
  • Put down the laptop and get out to Open House showings. The Internet can only tell you a fraction about the home, leaving out important details you have to physically see to believe.
  • Make your list – and check it twice. We recommend jotting down the features you’re looking for in advance. How much are you willing to spend on “location, location, location?” How important is it that your home will be close to the office? Even basics, like how many bedrooms or how much yard you want will all help you be more methodical during an exciting yet stressful time.

You owe it to yourself to team up with an energetic and organized real estate agent who is savvy about the latest marketing trends, alert to the latest new listings, and understands the reality of market values and neighborhood trends in the areas you’re shopping. Finding the best agent will, literally, be the most important part of your home buying and selling adventure. Contact us today to find out how The Grover Group can help!

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