Whitehall Ohio Real Estate

History: Whitehall is a small working class neighborhood nestled between Reynoldsburg (link to page) and Bexley, Ohio (link to page). It was first settled in the 19th century when the Brotherton family of White Hall, England, purchased 150 farm acres. Ye Olde Whitehall Tavern sprang up as Whitehall is a surprise. Affordable homes in a quaint community make this a great location to consider for the first-time homebuyer. Experienced homeowners know that this is a great community to invest in.

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Industry experience and regional knowledge is what sets our real estate agents apart from all the rest in Central Ohio. We know a lot about the process of purchasing and offering your home for sale, and have lived in the region for many years. These are some of the traits that set our agency apart from all the rest in our region; call us to find out how we can help your family.

Whitehall, Ohio Facts and Figures

an overnight stop on the National Road. After World War II housing demand created stable growth in the community. In the 1950s Whitehall was the nation’s fastest growing city. Today, Whitehall is home to the Defense Supply Center Columbus.

Population: Around 21,000.

Income and Home Values: Average household incomes hover around $34,000 annually and the average home is worth about $88,000 making this an affordable community to get started in.

Schools: Whitehall City Schools.

Taxes: Lower than the average Columbus suburb.

What’s Up in Whitehall, Ohio: Because of its prime location between Bexley, Reynoldsburg, and even Downtown Columbus you can take your pick of things to do as a Whitehall resident. Do you like nature? Try a walk in one of the area’s amazing Metro Parks. How about shopping at Easton? Or even a hockey game? If you live in this small, close-knit community, you’ll have access to fun events in a comfortable hometown setting.

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