Upper Arlington Ohio Real Estate

People are flocking to Upper Arlington, Ohio. Why? Low crime, great schools, and a beautiful, clean, and growing community marking U.A. as a top pick for Central Ohioans looking for a fresh start.

Sometimes it takes a hometown team to give you the home field advantage. That’s what The Grover Group offers our clients. Let’s sit down over coffee and talk about how we can market your home in a way that guarantees the fastest sale at the best price. Or, we can discuss what’s happening in Upper Arlington and the ups and downs of the market in the region. Together, we can create and execute a plan that will get you one step closer to the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

Our Clients Have Bragging Rights

Our business has grown primarily from the referrals of our former clients. That’s how we know we’re doing a better job than our competitors. There are a hundred real estate agents in Central Ohio; but our team is picked again and again. That’s because our service, combined with powerful marketing tools and a creative, organized, and driven approach, helps our clients win.

Upper Arlington, Ohio

History: Upper Arlington or “UA” as the locals like to call it, was first founded about 90 years ago. Today, the suburban area encompasses around 10 square miles of beautiful neighborhoods with sprawling homes and large tree lined streets. In the mid-70s, UA restricted growth in the community, making a conscious decision to preserve its green space and small-community feel.

Population: 35,000 or so.

Income Levels: Income hovers just under $100,000 for most UA residents but the average home sells for around $300,000 making this a solid community to invest in.

Schools: Upper Arlington Schools.

Taxes: Quite high for the region, but the majority of residents would say that it’s worth it to live in this wonderful community.

Things To Do In Upper Arlington, Ohio: If you love great food, Ryan highly recommends the Hyde Park Steakhouse. If you need to exercise off that steak, there are golf courses, metro parks, sports and many more fun things to do in this wonderful community. Home of pro golf legend Jack Nicklaus, and the annual Labor Day Arts Festival, this community is the perfect mix of quiet and safe, coupled with plenty of fun activities for the whole family.

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