Pataskala Ohio Real Estate

Deciding to take up residence in any community can be nerve racking. Your family is relying on the decisions you make to be the right ones.

That’s why you need Ryan Grover on your side. Ryan’s lived in Central Ohio all his life and that makes a big difference when you’re consider an agent to help you find the right new home.

Ryan knows Pataskala well; it’s one of his favorite communities. Good schools, in a quiet suburb of Columbus, make this a community to consider. Ryan can help you make some of the serious choices you’ll have when conducting a real estate transaction. If you don’t know the answers to the following questions, Ryan can help:

  • What Central Ohio communities have the lowest taxes – but the best home resale value?
  • If you have multiple offers, how will you coordinate finding a new home while closing on the old one?
  • Which neighborhoods are up-and-coming with great potential on fixer-upper properties?

Should You Choose Pataskala, Ohio?

Pataskala makes up about 35 square miles about a half an hour outside Columbus, Ohio (link to page). Historically, Pataskala was a small rural farming community until around 1996, when the rural community merged with Lima Township and was recognized as a city by the state of Ohio. But homesteaders lived in this area dating back to 1805. In 1851 the community opened a post office and the village was incorporated in 1891. Today, there are 15,200 residents with an average individual income of $65,400. Typically, a single-family home in Pataskala sells for about $160,000. For an average home of around $100,000, you will pay about $3,000 a year in property taxes.

Pataskala, Ohio Highlights: We love going apple picking at the Lynd Fruit Farm. There is also a fun archery range at The Bullet Ranch.  But Amish Country lies just east of Pataskala, so a scenic country drive is usually in order on a Sunday afternoon. About an hour to the east lies The Wilds, home to herds of African animals in a private safari park sponsored by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Visitors take buses in to see rhinos, giraffes, gazelles and many more creatures grazing in their lush grasslands.

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