Lockbourne Ohio Real Estate

The Lockbourne, Ohio website calls the village “Central Ohio’s best kept secret.” If they’re basing that on population, then it must be so: the population stands at about 300. But that is actually the appeal of this charming place. If you want to get away from the city and raise a family in a community that retains a small town feel, then this is the place.

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Facts About Lockbourne Ohio

History: A few miles south of one of the largest cities in the state of Ohio, Lockbourne is a total breath of fresh air. Historically, it served as home of Ohio’s robust network of water-based transportation canals that shipped goods across the state. It was the junction of the Ohio and Erie Canals and a major hub of commerce in the 1800s. Today it’s fun to take a tour of the remaining locks.

Population: 13,000 residents in 4,000 households.

Quality of Life: While this is a sleepy place, its proximity to the state capital continues to infuse the village with a small but steady population growth. It’s near everything, including Rickenbacker International Airport. Median home value is $89,837 and the average wage is $42,197 as of the last census. There are no stoplights here and also zero crime to speak of. It’s actually a wonderful place to kick back and just enjoy the slow pace for a change.

Schools: Hamilton District Schools.

Taxes: Compared to Columbus, they are very inexpensive at 1.9%.

Best Things To Do Around Lockbourne: This is a fun community to spend a few hours in, if you’re a history buff. The locks systems are fascinating and there are two historical cemeteries with exceptionally old grave markers. If this is too morbid, note that for a small village, it has a large number of hiking trails and public parks. t’s an incredibly easy drive to go north and visit German Village, take an Ohio Statehouse tour or have a picnic at the waterfront in Columbus.

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