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Historic and charming, Lithopolis is an appealing place to call home. This village is simply adorable, with small shops and a downtown castle. Well, it may not be a castle, but their cultural arts center has two turrets and is made of local stone. It is gorgeous. When coupled with the forest scenery in a nearby ravine, and the surrounding farmlands, this makes Lithopolis a gorgeous must-add to your home shopping list. If you’re considering a new home in Lithopolis, you are in the right place.

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Lithopolis, Ohio

History: Lithopolis is Greek for “city of stone,” and was named for the stone quarry that lies just north of the village. Originally called Centerville, it was renamed in 1836. The centerpiece building in this village is The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation building, made from native stone in a Tudor-Gothic style that is strikingly gorgeous. The Funk and Wagnalls Publishing Company, whose founders were born in Lithopolis, bequeathed the building to the village. Perhaps because of this gothic castle, the area around the village is considered prime real estate for the dearly departed; Lithopolis made the list of attractants for ghost hunters.

Population: Around 1,300 in the last census in roughly 450 households.

Quality of Life: The median household income in nearly $10,000 higher than the rest of the state, at $56,651. This bodes well for the average Lithopolis resident, because the cost of living is low. The median single-family home value is also considerably higher than the rest of the state, at about $160,000. There is no crime and Area Vibes gives the village an overall 81% livability score.

Schools: There are no village-centric schools, depending upon your location children will attend Canal Winchester or Bloom-Carroll. Scholastic achievement test scores mirror the national average at both districts.

Taxes: At 1.5% this is almost half what you can expect to pay in Columbus.

Looking More Closely at Lithopolis: Attending a cultural event at The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation building in the center of town is a surprising treat. High oak beamed ceilings, two towers, an auditorium, library and banquet hall, make this one of the treasures of the village. Exploring the ravine down by the stone quarry makes for an interesting outdoor activity. Downtown is filled with quaint antique stores, fine art and good pub food. This is a very fun place to visit on a weekend jaunt.

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