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Home of Denison University, this is not your typical college town. Serving as a bedroom community of Columbus, Granville offers the small town farming community typical for the region, with an influx of academic and cultural resources thanks to the University. Consequently, this is a vibrant, artistic and fun community, an unexpected culturally bright light in rural eastern Ohio.

If you’re like a lot of folks, you’re probably considering a new home in Granville. If you’re selling your house, we’ve got buyers lined up for this desirable community.

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It’s Pretty Groovy in Granville, Ohio

History: Granville is an incorporated village in Licking County, Ohio, just east of the state capital. Historically, it was home to the indigenous tribe of Fort Ancients between 800 and 1200 AD, more than 400 years before European settlers took over the region. There is still an Indian Mound here, and it has added to the National Register of Historic Places. Granville Township was first surveyed in 1797. Welsh immigrants and transplants from New England settled here in the 1800s.

Denison University is one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation. Some famous names attended Denison and spent their time in Granville: actors Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner went to DU along with Ohio State legend Woody Hayes.

Population: Around 6,000 when the students are in town, and about half that number in the summer.

Quality of Life: Granville feels like a New England village, with historic buildings, college kids rambling past and cute local shops. This is a very desirable community to live in and housing is at a premium. It’s an easy commute to Columbus and New Albany where there are a plethora of white collar and technology jobs. Denison University offers a high volume of music recitals, art shows, and other cultural activities open to the public. The village has low crime, coffee shops on every corner and plenty of things to do on a Friday night.

Schools: Granville Exempted Village Schools is engaged with its students; 80% of the student population participates in extra curricular activities. They consistently exceed test score requirements in 10 of 11 categories and typically have accelerated performance percentages in a majority of subjects and grade levels.

Taxes: Granville taxes are slightly higher than other rural communities, but are very affordable especially when measured against the rest of the state.

Going to Granville: Ryan loves taking his family for a weekend trip to Granville; this little town has everything. From farm to table fare at Alfie’s Wholesome Food to an overnight stay at the Buxton Inn, Granville is a great getaway. The Granville Farmer’s Market is packed all through the fall. Come check out a real polo match at the Bryn Du Mansion and the monthly summertime Concert on the Green is free and very entertaining. If that’s not enough, we’ve never been to a more welcoming event: The Great Granville Picnic is a wonderful way to meet your new neighbors.

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