Grandview Ohio Real Estate

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Grandview, Ohio

History: Grandview Heights, Ohio, usually shortened to just “Grandview,” is a suburb of Columbus (link to page), and was founded in 1842. It went through several divisions over time under a few different names but by 1912 the area currently known as Grandview was formerly established. Grandview is still home to the historic Bank Block that was one of the first strip shopping centers that integrated a parking lot into the plot design.

Population: Around 7,000.

Living in Grandview: Household incomes usually end up around $86,000 and the average home is worth about $250,000

Schools: The Grandview Heights City School District was ranked #1 in Central Ohio in 2014 and 2015.

Taxes: Moderate.

Getting Around Grandview, Ohio: If you live in Grandview, you can walk to the historic Grandview Theatre and join other community members as you view their single screen in the restored 1920s atmosphere. Strolling down quaint Grandview Avenue allows for visits to some of some unique shopping destinations like one-of-a-shops, boutiques and thrift stores. Ryan’s family loves going down to The Grandview Hop to shop and pick up a Jeni’s ice cream.

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