Buckeye Lake Ohio Real Estate

Lovely Buckeye Lake, Ohio offers waterfront living at a great price. If you have a property there, you know that selling means preparing your home to move fast at the best price. If you’re searching for lakefront property, the competition is fierce and you’ll need an experienced real estate agent in your corner.

The Grover Group has been in this region for years, and is expert at buying and selling real estate in Columbus and the surrounding region. A realtor can be your most valuable asset in the home sales game, so finding the team you can trust is very important. Ryan’s team represents home buyers and sellers and can educate you on all the options as you navigate the relocation process.

Buckeye Lake, Ohio

History: 11,000 years ago a glacier receded, which began the process of creating Buckeye Lake. The community of Buckeye Lake sits on a reservoir, allowing residents’ year round water fun from boating and fishing to snowmobiling. This picturesque community is the closest thing to Key West found in Ohio. The lake has 21 islands, most with lovely historic homes that embody the casual elegance the area is known for. The community has a number of businesses that rely on tourism, including the Buckeye Lake Winery and the Buckeye Lake Brewery.

Population: Right around 3,000.

Quality of Life: The cost of living is much lower at Buckeye Lake than in most areas of the state.

School System: Lakewood Public Schools.

Taxes: Historically very low.

Buckeye Lake Fun Things to Do: There is nothing more fun than spending a day on the water, followed by a nice dinner. But Dawes Arboretum is just a few minutes away. Founded in 1929, the arboretum features a museum, and expansive beautiful gardens with a walking and driving trail. An eight-acre pond with wetlands and wildlife makes for the perfect place for a scenic family getaway, perfect for a picnic.

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